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ODT Dance supports the creation, production and promotion of Singaporean Classics worldwide, as well as develops the capacity building of Singaporean & international artists in areas of dance, music and production. With Odyssey Dance Theatre representing Singapore as its dance ambassador, it has built its strong profile and recognition as one of Asia’s foremost professional contemporary dance companies for its penchant of Asian Contemporary Dance.


  • Performance. Exhibition. Talk (P.E.T)

PERFORMANCE • EXHIBITION • TALK (P.E.T.) was launched in2015 with “Wow Merlion” to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday. Itaimed to showcase a series of eminent events, bringing prominentartists in dance, visual and music to collaborate, bond and share.Through harnessing the multi-sensory approach towards performingand visual arts, artists were encouraged to present their art through amore complex and comprehensive manner.

  • Site. Empowerment. Transit (S.E.T)

SITE • EMPOWERMENT • TRANSIT (S.E.T.) aims toshowcase a series of site-specific works, empoweringpromising professional artistes to share and present theirarts through a creative or multi-disciplinary approach


Innovative seasons are specially curated to elevate the industry profile and support the industry development in Singapore. Artists and companies will be presented to signify the trends and direction of art- making locally.


Unique talent development programmes such as Directors' Lab and Mentorship programmes are designed to empower and equip arts leaders to propel their next stage of development in artistic and management skill-sets.


ODT Dance champions Singapore dance works, as well as international programmes for global exposure.


Strengthening artists to artists relationship in cultural immersion is one key function of ODT Dance.

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