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Pui Sze holds a Master of Fine Arts (Dance) from the Queensland University of Technology (Australia). Since 2001, she has accumulated her wealth in dance experiences with leading roles in more than 20 repertoires by Dr Danny Tan, and represented Singapore for ODT’s performances at the ASEAN Festival of Arts 2003 in Malaysia, the Asian Dance Choreographers Festival 2004 in South Korea, Italy’s Siena Festival & the 21st Korea Dance Festival 2012 in Yeosu. Since 2008, she has choreographic collaborations with many eminent practitioners such as Brian Lucas from Australia. Her outstanding works were invited to South Korea’s Mullae International Arts Festival 2012 and Italy’s Move Off Festivals - Winter Edition and Bangkok’s International Dance Festival. She has presented in Xposition ‘O’ 2011, an international collaboration work - “Silent Connexion” with artists from Japan & South Korea. Her choreographic work - “A Part of Us” in 2015 culminated various exchanges amongst dancers & musicians from Singapore, Taiwan and Italy, was presented and well-received in the Move Off Festival in Italy and Xposition ‘O’ 2015 in Singapore.

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Linnea Ong received her Master of Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology (Australia) in 2011. As a leading dance artist, she has performed in numerous ODT’s major repertoires such as “The Story Begins” (2007), “Red Tears” (2009), The Story Begins” (2007), “The Story Continues” (2011), “Hi Heaven!” (2012), “Om” (2013), “Moments” (2014), “Wow! Merlion” (2015), “Are We?” (2017), “Rain or Shine?” (2018) & “Start Or Stop?” (2019). Amassing an extensive performing & collaborative experiences with local & international practitioners, her sincere performativity through her works - “The Art of Faking” and “SEED” in Mullae International Arts Festival, Move Off Festival, FreeRange Festival & International Dance Festivals in South Korea, Italy, Australia and Thailand, have won her audiences’ commendations. Linnea’s strong choreographic creativity was witnessed under ODT’s choreographic platforms since 2008. Using many unconventional forms of staging to extend the different possibilities of dance, led to her ‘unique’ interdisciplinary creations, whilst steering active dialogues amongst audiences.

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Calvin Goh, under the tutelage of Dr Danny Tan since 2005, has undergone apprenticeship, internship and choreographic mentorship programmes across a decade at Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT). Since 2011, he has been ODT Dance Ambassador for numerous performances in Asia and Europe. A homegrown talent, Calvin has performed major roles in notable ODT productions such “Clouding” (2011), “Hi Heaven!” (2012), “Om” (2013), “Moments” (2014), “Wow! Merlion” (2015), “I am Sorry!” (2016) and “Are We?” (2017). Some of his many outstanding performances are Germany based choreographer Wu Chun-Hsien’s “Emptiness - The Structure of Air (Luftstruktur)” and Dr Danny Tan’s acclaimed works “9th Element”. Calvin started his choreographic adventures since 2014 with his work “Neutrality” & “Men in Action” in festivals such as Move Off Festival (Italy), International Dance Festival (Thailand) and Cross Border (Taipei). He has presented his well-received solo creation “My Figure” at the Europe Asia Project 2017 in Rozzi Theatre (Italy, Siena) and also collaborated with YoungSoon Cho Jaquet from Cie Nuna (Switzerland) in the work “DOKKAEBI”.




Kim Yong-Chul is celebrated for having woven into his unique lexicon, representing the fabrics of today’s dance aesthetics with its demands, submissions & tolerances. He has earned the title - “Dance Magma”, befitting his artistic originality that relentlessly pursues adaptability & tolerance demanded the by 21st century dance art. His originality finds its way into adaptiveness and coherence of the dance medium being transformed on stage. He graduated from Keimyung University Department of Music and Performing Arts and went on to earn his masters and doctoral degree from Sejong University. He joined the Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre & had served as the Artistic Director for Gumi City Dance Company. In the meantime, Kim has involved himself steadily in creative processes wherein he experiments with his versatility and choreographic genius through his association with SEOP Dance Company. A disciple of the traditional dance, Kim also prides in his modern, multifaceted artistic caliber as well as flawless technique & skills that the modern dance art demands.

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Raffaele Irace graduated from Turin’s Fondazione Teatro Nuovo & specialized at the Ecole-Atelier Rudra by Maurice Bejart in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2005, he graduated from the DAMS in History of Theater at the Universita degli Studi of Turin. His experience with Jacopo Godani let him to investigate the working method of the Forsythe Company, where he met William Forsythe. In 2008, he founded his own dance company - The Very Secret Dance Society. His company toured in Italy & abroad to several contemporary dance festivals. In 2014, his commissioned show “Ancestros” was premiered at the Turin’s Teatro Regio Opera House. Between 2015 to 2018, Raffaele Irace was the Ballet Master and Assistant to Jacopo Godani, at the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (formerly The Forsythe Company). Since 2015, his company was being recognized and subsidized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. He is also the founder and Artistic Director of Solocoreografico Festival since 2014. Currently, he is the Program Director for Dance and Performance at Gallus Theater in Frankfurt, Germany.




Roberta has graduated in Modern Literature with a Major in Theatre. Frequently invited as a guest in master classes & national conferences, she combines an intense study of techniques & languages of the international contemporary dance with the ultimate goal of creating a holistic work in connection with the mankind poetics. In Southern Italy, he has founded and directs “Equilibrio Dinamico”, a contemporary repertoire company, and has started the “Ed Ensemble” project, an international specialized training program. As a freelance choreographer & a teacher, she has been hosted by many international institutions such as Staatstheater Ballet Augsburg, Teatrul De Balet Sibiu, English National Ballet School, Korea Ballet House, Conservatorio Internatcional de Ballet and Danca Annarella Sanchez, Morikawa Dance Academy, Elan Ballet, Ballet di Siena, Eko dance Project and her creations are still programmed in festivals & theaters across Europe, Asia and America. She is also supported by several Italian Cultural Institutes including Cologne, New York, Mexico, Zagreb, Sao Paulo and San Francisco.

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